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Twinkie’s Challenge: Say “No Way!” to Fried foods


If you can do one thing for your health..stop eating fried foods.

What is considered  “Fried foods”?

Anything cooked in a lot of grease or oil, at very high temperatures. Fried foods are things like french fries, most potato chips, onion rings, doughnuts, and in most cases, anything with the word “fried” in the title (though many products can be sneaky with their names!).

Why try to give up Fried foods?

Fried foods have little to no nutritional value, and if you have learned anything from my posts, your body needs good-for-you-fuel to survive and function properly. Those fried onion rings? Not helping you in any way. Fried foods are drenched in unhealthy oils-most commonly used are Canola, Vegetable, or Peanut oil-that are not good for your body. These oils become even more harmful for you when they are heated at such high temperatures to cook your food. Adding your food-whatever you may decide to fry- just decreases the nutritional value, and actually making things worse for your body. How bad can it be? Ever heard of the obesity epidemic? I guess fried foods fuel one thing-obesity. Fried foods not only cause obesity, but it also has been found to cause heart disease, clogged arteries, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and the list unfortunately goes on. Nothing good can come from frying your foods- nothing!

What are my alternatives to Fried foods?

Steaming, Baking, or Toasing your food! Trust me, not only will you be preparing better-for-you foods (you know, the ones where your body can actually benefit from what you are eating), but you will enjoy a variety of benefits from not frying your foods.

I believe your food will taste better. You will consume much less calories! Your body won’t feel so sluggish, and you should experience more energy (more noticable for those who eat fried foods on a regular basis and then suddenly stop). You can feel better- an excess of fried/greasy foods always made me feel really sick- literally. It was my body’s way of telling me “No more Fried foods”, and that it just wasn’t benefiting my body in any way. I finally wisened up, and avoid Fried foods.

Twinkie’s Challenge

My challenge for you: No more Fried foods! Take it one day at a time. If you are used to eating Fried foods on a regular basis, it may take a little bit of time to get out of the habit.  When you go grocery shopping, don’t buy fried potato chips or doughnuts. When you go out to eat, don’t get fried chinese food or don’t get the french fries at the Burger joint. Your body will thank you.

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  1. Join the Rally on Facebook to commit to not eating fried foods for one week (at least!)

  2. Is it still considered fried if I use a little olive oil in a skillet to cook eggs, or asparagus or spinach?

  3. fried = drenching in oil that is bad for you! If you are going to use oil for cooking, I highly recommend using organic coconut oil since it is SUPER healthy for you (great for weight loss, too!) and can handle the heat much better than olive oil. If you are going to use olive oil, I recommend putting it on the vegetables AFTER it has already been cooked (like the French do!) or as a dressing on a salad.