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Lose Weight with your iPhone!

Posted by on Mar 29, 2010 in Twinkie's Favorites, Weight Loss | 1 comment

I recently got an iPhone for my Birthday (Yes, I am spoiled), and I soon discovered it’s many wonderful iPhone applications that are helpful with Health and Weight loss. The reasons why I love the “Lose it!” App for the iPhone 1) You can easily set up your weight loss goals. You enter in your current weight, your goal weight, and set up a time line on when you can realistically expect to achieve your goal weight. You can do this by setting up a  realistic plan of losing anywhere from “maintain current weight” to “lose 2 lbs per week”. Once you decide on what you want to commit to, it will give you a date of when you will be at your goal weight. The more weight you lose each week, the sooner you will be at your goal...

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creamy butternut squash soup (organic) by Pacific Natural Foods

Posted by on Mar 25, 2010 in Twinkie's Favorites | 2 comments

Butternut Squash as a Soup? You bet! I recommend this for those who want the health benefits of butternut squash without the texture of this squash. Actually, I recommend it to anyone whether you like this squash’s texture or not. Though, this soup is great to have year round, I would recommend this as a new holiday favorite. With its touch of cinnamon and nutmeg, it will fit right in. Need something quick and healthy for you and the family? This is easy to prepare. Just open up the container, put it on the stove, and within just a couple of minutes on a mid-range heat, your soup is ready to serve. (Don’t recommend using the microwave) This soup is low in calories (less than 100 per serving), low fat, low in sugar, and no cholesterol. This is a...

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Why do I need to use SPF?

Posted by on Mar 18, 2010 in Beauty, Health | 1 comment

This is a question I am sure a bunch of sexy beach babes ask all the time, or at least should be asking themselves this question. “Why do I need to use SPF?” What does “SPF” Mean? Let’s start at the beginning. SPF means Sun Protection Factor. The number you see with SPF (SPF 30 for example), represents the length of time you can stay out in the sun without burning, multiplied by that number. If you normally burn after 10 minutes, you should be able to stay out in the sun (theoretically) for 300 minutes if you have SPF 30. I would recommend  having a high SPF, and putting SPF on as often as you can…let’s say every hour or every other hour, depending on whether you are swimming/sweating or not. Is the Sun Good for you? The...

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The many Health Benefits of Salmon

Posted by on Mar 15, 2010 in Health, Nutrition | 2 comments

Nutrition and Health Benefits The American Heart Association recommends at least 2 servings of fish per week. Now, I know why… This fish is packed with a lot of healthy and beneficial nutrients! Salmon is not only low in calories, but it is also a great source of  important and healthy Omega-3 fatty acids (helps with the immune system,circulatory systems, and helps prevent unwanted inflammation) , B6,  B12, Niacin (processes fats in the body and lowers cholesterol), tryptophan (an amino acid which helps reduce headaches and even help stop cravings for unecessary amounts of carbohydrates and sweets),  Selenium, High in Vitamin D (an entire day’s worth!), Magnesium, and of course…protein! Wild or Farmed Salmon? Many don’t even bother to ask this question or understand the difference between the two, so I have to bring this up! Defintely go for the...

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Healthier and Tastier Popcorn

Posted by on Mar 11, 2010 in Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Recipes | 1 comment

Ingredients: 1/2 cup Popcorn Kernels 2-3 tablespoons Coconut Oil Sea Salt (to taste) Serves: 4-6 cups of cooked popcorn Instructions: Step 1) Put a large pot (with lid) on the stove, and turn to  medium heat. Side Notes: If you are wondering why I am not asking you to use a microwave, please read about the Harmful effects of the Microwave. Step 2) Add the coconut oil to the pan, and coat the bottom of the pan. Step 3) Add popcorn kernels to the the pot, and put the lid back on the pot.  Soon, you will notice the kernels starting to pop, and allow them to do just that! Step 4) Once the popping starts to slow down, remove the pot from heat. There still may be some popcorn kernels popping, and that’s OK. It is better to have some kernels...

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Xylitol Gum by Epic™

Posted by on Mar 8, 2010 in Twinkie's Favorites | Comments Off on Xylitol Gum by Epic™

Epic™ provides a healthy gum that doesn’t have any sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Find out why this gum is so special. Sugar Free Gum You may think that there is nothing special about having a gum that is sugar free, but did you know that sugar free gum replaces the sugar with harmful artificial sweeteners? I dare you to look at all other gum on the market and try to find something without any  Sugar, Cane Juice, Aspartame or any other artificial sweeteners.The fact that Xylitol Gum by Epic™ has no sugar or artificial sweeteners, and this truly is a rare find. Where to Buy I found this gum at my local grocery store and my health food store. If you don’t have it available, you can visit their website and buy it directly from the company. Once you...

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Skinny Tip # 2

Posted by on Mar 4, 2010 in Skinny Tips & Quotes | Comments Off on Skinny Tip # 2

Skinny Tip #2 Getting enough sleep each night helps with your cravings when you wake up. Wanna lose weight? Get enough shut eye each night! Feel free to follow us, however you like: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Feel free to follow Skinny Twinkie: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,...

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What motivates Twinkie…

Posted by on Mar 1, 2010 in Twinkie | 4 comments

I like clothes. I like to shop for clothes. So naturally, when I wanted to lose weight, I gave myself a shopping trip as my reward for when I reached my goal. I put money aside each month for my shopping trip, which I couldn’t touch until I reached my goal size/weight. So on Saturday afternoons when I wanted to go out for a shopping trip, I didn’t. It is what pushed me to be able to stick with eating healthy and exercising. Trust me, I stuck to it! If you want something bad enough…you will make it happen. And trust me, shopping for clothes in my new size was well worth the wait. What motivates you to stay eating healthy and exercising? I would love to hear from any additional ideas you have! Feel free to follow us,...

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