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Real Salt by Redmond

Posted by on May 31, 2010 in Health, Nutrition, Spices & Herbs, Twinkie's Favorites | Comments Off on Real Salt by Redmond

Why Real Salt? Let’s start at looking at the competition. Table salts, or “iodized salt” has gone through intensive bleaching and refining processes, and then on top of that, many have undergone a heat processing and even include additives and chemicals. Real Salt by Redmond is carefully taken from deep within the earth, crushed, screened, and packaged to stay all natural. It has a pink coloring, which is from the 50-plus trace minerals that weren’t stripped away by any refining/bleaching process. Taste Yes, Real Salt by Redmond actually tastes different than other processed and refined salts out there. Good news is, when I say “different”, I mean that it actually tastes better. It is not so different that you don’t think you are tasting salt, but I believe there is just so much more flavor to it, that you...

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Cafe Zupas anyone…?

Posted by on May 27, 2010 in Twinkie's Favorites | 6 comments

Looking for a new place to eat out for lunch or dinner?  Sometimes, we eat things that are not too healthy or good for us when we are pressed for time, want something quick on the go, or have a lunch meeting or what not. I have discovered Cafe Zupas. They have Salads and Soups- gourmet style (They have panini sandwiches too, but I haven’t personally had them). Salads I usually tend to lean towards geting the “Nuts about Berries” salad. At first, I wasn’t too sure if I would like berries in my salads since the salads I usually make for myself are an all-veggie type of a salad. If you are a salad lover, you are seriously going to love this Salad. It tastes great with the added fruit, with a bit of sweetened nuts for a...

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Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

Posted by on May 24, 2010 in Health | Comments Off on Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

Getting enough shut eye is more important than you may think. Lack of Sleep? Research has shown that those who are sleep deprived don’t live as long as those who get more rest on a regular basis. Not only that, but studies have also shown that when you are sleep deprived, you are at greater risk of hallucinations and even mental problems. Sleeping Beauty Ever heard of people saying that they need their Beauty sleep? If you are like many people who do not want dark circles on their eyes, you may want to rethink your sleeping schedule. Health Benefits Getting enough Zzz’s will help your body’s immune system, which is why when you were sick as a kid, your Mom always told you to take a nap and get plenty of rest. Your body needs sleep to recover,...

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Posted by on May 22, 2010 in Fitness, Weight Loss | 3 comments

Cycling is a fun way to get your body moving. I remember when I was younger I could ride my bike for hours since I was just having fun, feeling the wind in my face, and viewing the scenery. Back then, I didn’t realize that riding my bike (cycling) was actually good for me and that I was exercising. Health benefits Cycling is good for you for several reasons. First of all, it is a great cardiovascular workout (helps fight against heart disease). Cycling tones your muscles, such as your butt, your thigh muscles, and your calf muscles. More toned muscle comes with helping your body burn those calories, which if you want to lose weight, is a good thing. If you need to make sure you are careful with your knees, cycling is a great way to go....

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Isagenix® IsaLean Shake

Posted by on May 20, 2010 in Gluten Free, Nutrition, Twinkie's Favorites, Weight Loss | Comments Off on Isagenix® IsaLean Shake

Whether you choose Vanilla or Chocolate, either way, you are making the right choice by having an Isagenix® IsaLean Shake (Side Note: My favorite is Vanilla!) The Isagenix’s IsaLean Shake is a complete meal replacement that is actually healthy for you. The reason I say “actually” is because there are so many weight loss shakes that have nothing but sugar as the first ingredient (just look and see!), and added vitamins – though they may be low in calories, they aren’t healthy for you. If you are going to try to lose weight, you should be healthy while doing so. Nutrition The IsaLean Shake has high quality Whey from New Zealand, Fiber, Calcium, Vitamins, Casein protein that is from grass-fed cows with no added hormones or antibiotics, Ionic Alfalfa™ (Isagenix’s proprietary blend of 70 super-charged minerals, trace minerals and alfalfa juice),...

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Posted by on May 17, 2010 in Spices & Herbs | Comments Off on Myrrh

Myrrh has been used for Centuries, and known as a very precious Herb. Here are some of the benefits that Myrrh may help you with. Benefits •Anti-inflammatory •Stimulates blood circulation •Antiseptic •Treatment of Arthritis •Lowering Cholesterol •Skin Diseases •Respiratory Infections and Bronchitis with excess of Mucous (dries things up) Intake Drops – can take 20-40 drops in water, 2-4 times a day. You can drink, or you can use a smaller amount of water and gargle. Topically- can be applied to cold sores, and even infected wounds. If you don’t know what you are doing, stop right there. It would be best to ask a licensed professional; Nutritionist or Herbologist. They will be able to help you with your specific needs. Precautions There are no known side effects to Myrrh if you take normal doses. Large doses may irritate the...

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Salad: Diet Friend or Foe?

Posted by on May 13, 2010 in Health | Comments Off on Salad: Diet Friend or Foe?

When people first try to start a diet, they seem to run to the grocery store and plan on eating the healthiest thing they can think of. A Salad. Though a Salad can be quite healthy and nutritious, we are getting drenched in Calories and Fat by all of the things we are adding to the Salad- which in turn makes our Healthy intentions for Lunch and Dinner…well…not so healthy after all. So if you are going to eat a salad to be Healthy, do it the right way! The Salad Trap A lot of people will add on one thing after another to their salad for added color, flavor, or texture, and I will go over exactly what that meanswhen it comes to calories in your Salad bowl. Bacon Bits – serving size is about 1 tablespoon, and...

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Nothing tastes as good as…

Posted by on May 10, 2010 in Skinny Tips & Quotes | 3 comments

There is this quote that I found not too long ago, that I just absolutely love. It seems to have said it all better than I could have. I am not sure who originally said it, but here is a quote that helps me when I am at my weakest chocolate cravings in my life. “Nothing tastes as good as looking good feels” -Anonymous What is a phrase that helps motivate you to stay healthy and active? Feel free to follow us, however you like: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Feel free to follow Skinny Twinkie: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,...

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