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DRX9000 Spinal Decompression


Here is my personal story and Review on the DRX9000. If you have any sort of back or neck pain, or know someone who does, I promise you that it will be worth your time to continue reading on.

How it all happened

At 23 years old, I was working 10-12 hour days trying to save up for my “dream home”. When my Husband and I crunched the numbers and looked at what we needed to have for our down payment the following month, stress built up faster than I realized. At this point in time, I wasn’t exercising like I should have, and I didn’t have a way to release the stress I was causing myself by overworking and buying a home that was a little out of reach for us at the time.

My body came to the point where I just snapped. All I did was reach for my Organic Rice Milk (half empty, by the way) and something felt weird in my lower back. No pain. Just a weird feeling. I went to pour my milk and went to sit down, and I felt sharp daggers of pain in my lower back. All I could think of is “What happened to my back!?”. I have never felt so much pain in my life. I called for my husband, who helped me lie down on my bed, since sitting obviously wasn’t working out, and standing was almost just as painful.

The following day was Sunday, and I was in bed all day. I couldn’t handle sitting or standing still. All I could think is, “this much pain just can’t be good”

Monday finally came. At that point, after being in so much pain for 2 days straight, I lost it. I just started bawling, which hurt my back even more. My husband made an appointment with my Chiropractor for as early as possible that morning. My husband helped me get up and then help me walk and get into our car.

After my Doctor adjusted my back, I still was experiencing extreme pain, but at least know I could get in and out of bed, which is something I wasn’t able to do on my own before. I ended up seeing my Doctor for several days in a row and not experiencing the kind of improvement I should have seen by then, and then my Doctor had me get an MRI done.

MRI Results

Turns out, I had several bulged and herniated discs in my lower back. Ouch.

Good news: I wasn’t making all this pain all up.

Bad news: Since I wasn’t able to hardly move, lift, sit, walk, or anything…I was 23 years old and my only option right now was going on Short Term Disability.

What are my options?

I could hardly move without being in extreme pain. I knew I couldn’t live like this. I could go under the knife and have back surgery. Not only do I have a horrible fear of surgery and knives, but with much research I realized that surgery wasn’t really going to fix my problem. Yes, maybe help alleviate some pain, but it would be an ongoing battle for the rest of my life. At 23 years old, I was hoping to have a long and healthy life, and Surgery wasn’t feeling like a very positive option for me.

I was introduced to Spinal Decompression by my Chiropractor.  I ultimately chose Spinal Decompression as the best solution to heal my back.

Spinal Decompression

The DRX9000 machine basically slowly and carefully pulls my spine, then releases it, then pulls it again. During my regular treatments,I am laying down being stretched for about 20 minutes. After I was done being stretched, I would go home and put ice on my back (wearing my wonderful back brace) and have ice on for 20 minutes on and off again- for the next 2 hours. I wasn’t allowed (or able) to lift anything at all, I had to do my homework (back stretches), take my daily walk to strengthen my back, and drink lots of water and eat extremely healthy.

After 3 months of regular treatment, I was able to lift light objects, go back to the gym,  go back to work and get on with my life.

Spinal Decompression works – you just need to give your body time, follow the guidelines (don’t lift heavy objects!), and it all will be worth it when your back pain is gone and a thing of the past. Of course, I will never forget the lessons I learned from my experience.

Lessons learned

Don’t allow yourself to get so stressed, since it does have a physical impact on your body. I learned that I keep my emotions to myself, and I need to release my stress somehow. I discovered exercise was a wonderful way to relieve stress.

There is hope, and there are options. Surgery is not the only option. If you go to a Surgeon, you will probably be told that Surgery is your only option. You should do some research for yourself and come up with an educated choice that is right for you. Do what is in the best interest of your health, not your surgeons wallet.

It’s not the end of the world. 2 years later, I rarely experience any sort of back pain at all. This is huge when you consider how I would have felt if I would have went for the back surgery. Health is the only thing you can’t buy. I’m glad I was able to get my body back on track. I believe you can too!

Where you can go

Interested to see if  Spinal Decompression can help you?

Check out the Doctor that helped me: Dr. Morgan

Relieving back or neck pain is something that, unfortunately, touches each and every person. Spinal Decompression sounds like rocket science, and a medical background like an online MPH is necessary for this machine, but that’s why you must find a trusted medical professional.

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