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Healthy Alternatives for your Junk Food Cravings


What’s your junk food craving?

Everyone seems to have specific cravings now and again! Whether it be sweet or salty, we sometimes tend to think of the junk food as a first choice to satisfy those cravings. Here are some ways you can curb your cravings in a healthy way.

Healthy Alternatives to your Salt Cravings

•PopcornHomemade popcorn made with coconut oil and a bit of real salt is a wonderful treat when you need something salty!

•Jerky -When salt cravings come, it might just mean you need a little meat in your diet. Be sure to make your jerky homemade or buy the Organic or All Natural kind so that you don’t get any MSG or additives that usually come with processed meats.

•Edamame -These are an easy snack to make, and a great alternative to something like chips. Just dash on some real salt and eat fresh or baked.

•Organic Blue Corn Chips -This is a yummy snack with a touch of sea salt. You can eat these chips plain or dip into a healthy chili or fresh salsa.

Healthy Alternatives to your Sweet Tooth

Frozen Yoghurt with Berries -An easy snack to make, just add fresh mixed berries to your All Natural Yoghurt and you should beat any
sweet cravings that you may have had.

Fruit –Lots of healthy sugar is in fruit, and by having fruit you should be able to satisfy those cravings.


•Organic BlackBerry Sorbet bar – A delicious dessert ready to be eaten by you!

Honey or Agave Sticks -You can usually find these Honey or Agave sticks at the health food store in lots of different flavors. More often than not, you can buy in bulk or individually. Take these with you and when  your blood sugar levels are low, this is a healthy alternative to candy.

Healthy Alternatives to your Sour Cravings

•Organic Twisted Fruit (Sour Apple) by Clif Kid -All natural fruit twists are made with real fruit, gluten-free and have no processed sugars.

•Grapefruit -A delicious and healthy way to curb your sour cravings and known to help you lose weight!

•Green Apple -This apple is a tart treat and sure to satisfy  your cravings. Too tart? Almond Butter might just be a yummy addition to this sour snack.

•Dried Cranberries -These are a great treat to take with you on the go. Be sure to buy the kind that doesn’t have anything added, since most commercial products add sugar. Buy from your local health food store and check the label before you buy.

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  1. Great ideas – you hit multiple types of cravings. I think “chocolate” might deserve its own category though! (hehe!)


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