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Breastfeeding vs. Formula


When you first get pregnant, one of the many important decisions you will need to make is whether you should breastfeed or not. It’s a decisoon that will effect your baby’s health. You want to make sure that you give your baby the best.

A healthy baby is a happy baby!

Which is healthier;  Breast milk or Formula?

Research shows that Breast milk is the healthiest option for your small baby. Even though formula has come along way, it still doesn’t quite compare to what Mother Nature has to provide. (Note: If you can’t breastfeed for whatever reason, formula will provide your baby with essential nutrients). 


Baby’s Benefits

• Perfect balance of Nutrients, which also evolves to meet your baby’s needs throughout development.

• Easy to digest.

• Helps prevent sickness, including Ear Infections, Stomach Flu, Pneumonia, and Digestive Tract Disorders.

• Protection against Diabetes, Heart Disease, Respiratory Infections, and Allergies.

• Improves brain function.


Mom’s Benefits

• Helps Mom burn calories! Also, breastfeeding reduces fat stores, which helps you return to your normal weight before you even got pregnant.

• Studies have shown that woman who breastfeed have reduced risks of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

• Breast milk is free. I know this shouldn’t be your reason the breast feeding, but it’s a nice advantage to it! 



Some woman are not able to breastfeed (or choose not to, which is OK too), so choosing the right formula is an important decision to make. Not all formula is created equal.

• Stay away from Soy based formulas. These may be “Lactose Free” and marketed as a healthier choice, but in reality they compromise the health of your baby in many ways. Soy formulas affect the baby’s hormone levels, impair thyroid function, and will expose your baby to dangerously high estrogen levels.

• The average baby formula is based on pasteurized milk. This type of formula can compromise your baby’s digestive system, but still better for your baby when you compare it to Soy formulas.

Interesting thought

For someone who makes a profit from selling formula, what does a company like Gerber® have to say about breastfeeding?

“Breast milk is best for babies and provides the nutrition for cognitive development and physical growth”

If you have the choice, breast milk is the healthiest option for your baby and you!

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