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Stop Morning Sickness


You were so excited to get pregnant – that is, until the Morning Sickness crept up on you.  Don’t let the morning sickness ruin the fun of being pregnant. Here are some tips that can help you get rid of that sick feeling…

Acupressure– This technique is different from Acupuncture. A huge plus is that there are no needles involved. Acupressure involves working with specific pressure points to relieve the morning sickness. Women who put pressure on the area above the wrist on the inside of the forearm (it’s called the Neiguan or “P6” point) have been shown to help with Morning Sickness. Try this technique several times a day to help with the nausea.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – This technique has some similarities with Acupressure, where you end up tapping on different pressure points on your face, upper body, and hands while saying specific affirmations aloud. You don’t have to understand exactly how or why this works – just know that it does.

Natural Remedies – There are plenty of proven Natural remedies that you can take for your Morning sickness. You can choose among Ginger, Raspberry Leaves, Chamomile, Peppermint, and Vitamin B6.  You can also try taking Vitamin K  – just be sure to take Vitamin C with it.

Eating Habits – Sometimes a pregnant woman just needs to eat on a more regular basis. Instead of 3 regular sized meals a day, perhaps 6 small meals a day can help relieve some of that morning sickness.

Some pregnant woman try to go on a “diet” – you shouldn’t be on a diet while you are pregnant, but you should focus on eating healthy foods that will provide nutrients to your baby’s body as well as your own.

Sources: The Journal of Reproductive Medicine September 2001; 46:811-814, 835-839

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