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Cayenne Pepper


This amazing spice is usually known for its culinary purposes, but it also aides weight loss and has many medicinal benefits. Read on to see why Cayenne Pepper is one of the biggest health secrets you never knew about.


•Increases the Metabolism

• According to research done by Dr. John Christopher (natural herbalist), Cayenne Pepper can be used to stop a Heart Attack within 30 seconds of use, by drinking warm water with 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

• Lowers Blood Pressure

•Kills cancer cells in the pancreas, prostate, and lungs.

•Heals Stomach Ulcers

•Boosts Circulation

•Cleans arteries and lowers cholesterol

•Contains antifungal properties


Powder – This is the most common form of Cayenne Pepper, and easily found in the spices isle. This is an easy way to add Cayenne Pepper to your meals.

Dried Flakes – Another form to add to your meals.

Whole (Fresh or Dried) – You won’t want to eat a Cayenne Pepper whole since it is very hot. Mostly you will cut up the Cayenne Pepper and add as needed to your recipes, culinary or medicinal.


If you don’t like hot foods this might not be the spice to season your foods with, but you might want to add small amounts to your diet to benefit from everything Cayenne Pepper has to offer.

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