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Workouts for your Baby


It’s never too early to exercise, right?  Your baby will benefit from exercise, just as much as you do! Babies need to work on building strength, and your little bundle of joy is going to need your help getting there.

Tummy Time

This helps your baby build a strong core, which strengthens your baby’s stomach, back, and neck muscles.

Why it’s Important: It’s important that your baby’s core muscles are strengthened so that if your baby is ever in a dangerous situation (such as face down and not getting enough oxygen), your baby will have the ability to roll over.


Let your baby learn how to lift objects with varying weight and size,  such a baby’s rattle, toy keys, or Alphabet blocks. It will be a fun way for your baby to learn how to hold objects as well as build strength in the arms.

Why it’s Important: Building strength in the arms is an important step for your baby, which helps your little one push up and eventually crawl!

Kicks and Swatting

This is a fun way for your baby to build flexibility and coordination. Babies are naturally flexible, but it still takes work to build dexterity and stability. Kicking a targeted object is a good way to help your baby understand depth perception as well as cause and effect.

Why it’s Important: Kicking and swatting helps to increase leg strength and muscle control which eventually leads to crawling.

Twisting and Bending

Allow your baby to gently stretch since this is a great way for baby to gain flexibility and coordination which helps provide precise movement.

Why it’s Important: This will help your baby roll over from one side to the other.


Your baby is just like you when it comes to getting bored with the same workouts. Switch things up and keep it interesting and fun for your baby!

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