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Fitness on a Budget


You don’t need to have a lot of money to get into shape. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it! Here’s some fun ways you can exercise, without breaking the bank.

No Equipment Required

• Walk or Run – You don’t need any equipment,  just a good pair of running shoes. Want to burn extra calories? Run a marathon, or just train for one. The varied terrain, with hills and wind, allow for extra calorie burn when comparing to the indoor treadmill.

• Go old school. The Plank, Lunges, Jumping Jacks, and Push ups, for example, are equipment-free and effective ways to workout. Just because something is common, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work anymore!

• Take a dip in the Ocean. Swimming is a great way to workout, and swimming in the Ocean is free. Of course, my fear of sharks usually keeps me away from such a fantastic swim. I figure that there are plenty of other ways to workout.

Exercises with Inexpensive Equipment

• Workout Videos – Whether it be Dance, Yoga, or Taekwondo, there are plenty of workout DVDs out there to choose from. Workout DVD’s are great because you can exercise in the comfort of your own home, yet still get the benefit of having an instructor lead you through the exercises. Oh yeah, you can also press “pause” if needed!

• Stability Ball – You can get a full body workout with just a stability ball! You can get one for under $20, and you can get a fantastic body with this one piece of equipment.

• Frisbee – Chasing after a frisbee is a fun way to enjoy your inner child, and still get a great workout. I was able to go to my local grocery store and buy a frisbee for $1.00

• “Play Ball!” -You choose which sport you want to play, whether it’s basketball, baseball, soccer,  or football. With most of these sports, you can get away with just buying a ball. It’s all about getting with friends and having fun.

• Jump Rope – You can get a jump rope for cheap, and get a great cardiovascular work out in a decent amount of time. It’s also fun to challenge yourself with skipping the rope or jumping on one leg at a time.

Exercise for Free, or at a Discount!

•Get bored easily? Rather than buying workout DVD’s, why not borrow them from your local library? Once you are done with a workout DVD, you can move on to the next one.

•Free Trials. Gyms will often give potential clients a free trial to lure you in. If you are interested in getting free gym time, this might be something you should take advantage of. It may be a month or just a week long, but either way, it’s free.

•Bargain. If you decide to move forward with a membership at a gym, be sure to get a deep discount in the price. They may say that they can’t lower the price, but chances are, they can. And trust me, they would rather give you an amazing price at their gym, than lose you as a customer.

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