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Get in Shape with Circuit Weight Training


Circuit Weight Training

Circuit weight training is one of the most beneficial forms of cardiorespiratory training.  It’s an exercise program that combines resistance training with cardio by performing a series of exercises one right after the other with minimal rest.

Circuit training is a great exercise that is time efficient and can help you reach your fitness goals!

Weight Loss Benefits

Circuit weight training  allows for you to develop lean muscles, which helps you burn calories both during and after you exercise, helping you become more efficient with losing weight.

Too many of us – mostly women – have this fear of lifting weights because we associate weights to “bulking up”. If your health goal is to lose excess fat, make sure that you just lift smaller weights during Circuit Weight Training and for only two or three times a week. Incorporate cardio on the days that you aren’t weight training, and this will help you burn fat and develop long and lean muscles.

Build muscle strength

If you enjoy weight training but dislike traditional cardio workouts, circuit training would be ideal for you. If your goal is to gain muscle mass and “bulk up”, then you would choose heavier weights than those who are just trying to lose weight.

You may consider doing about 12 repetitions for each exercise in the circuit, and do a total of two or three complete circuits. If it takes you about 20 minutes to complete two circuits, then you are done with the workout.

When incorporating Circuit Weight Training into your exercise routine, make sure you start with lighter weights and move your way up. Many of the exercises (see below) require balance, and proper form is extremely important.

How to Incorporate Circuit Training

Typically, an exercise program with circuit weight training would look something like this:

• Warm up/Stretch (5-10 minutes)

• Cardio (5-10 minutes)

• Circuit Weight Training (15-20 minutes)

• Cardio (5-10 minutes)

• Cool down/Stretch (5-10 minutes)

As you can see, I have included time for you to warm up, cool down, and stretch. It’s important that you do this with any weight training program to reduce the risk of injury and provide you with a more effective workout.

Here’s an example of Circuit Weight Training:

1. Ball dumbbell chest press

2. Ball dumbbell row

3. Standing dumbbell curl

4. Standing overhead dumbbell press

5. Step-ups (with balance)

6. Dumbbell triceps extension

7. Rest

8. Repeat exercises, completing the circuit a total of 2 – 4 times, or however many circuits you can complete in about 15 or 20 minutes.

Important: Make sure that you aren’t rushing yourself during each of the exercises – proper technique is critical in preventing injury and maximizing results.

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