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Happy and Healthy Mother’s Day


“I just want a nap!”

Motherhood can be the most wonderful thing, but let’s not kid ourselves. It can be darn right stressful. This year in particular, I have heard from so many Moms that they want nothing more than sleep for Mother’s Day. They don’t want to worry about fixing a nice dinner for everyone. They want a little time for themselves.  I remember when my own Mom would say that all she wanted for Mother’s Day was a clean house. I finally feel like I now understand why something as free as a clean house was really worth more than any present we could have ever bought for her. It’s not about the physical presents that money could buy.

I feel that Mom’s need to be spoiled for all of the things that they do for us, and if you are a Mom yourself,  you deserve to have one day – at the very least!- to spoil yourself too.

The Mother’s Day Present that Mom’s Actually Want

Every Mom is different, and I understand that. I think we, as women, would be quite annoyed if anybody gave us a cookie-cutter answer as to what present we would all love for Mother’s day. I think Mom’s would at least agree on one thing for Mother’s Day: Mom’s just want to feel appreciated for all of their sleepless nights, selfless acts, and hard work.

I have put together a list of fun (and healthy!) ideas that your Mom (or you!) might enjoy on Mother’s Day.

Massage – This is a great way to allow your Mom an hour of complete relaxation and allow for her to de-stress! Did you know that massages are good for your health? If you’re a Mom too, maybe you both could go get a massage together?! This sounds like a win-win to me!

Garden – Does your Mom enjoy flowers? Instead of flowers that wilt in a couple of days,  buy some flowers that you and your Mom can plant in the yard – which will last the entire season!

Another idea would be to buy some of your Mom’s favorite fruit or vegetable plants and plant those in the yard! Don’t have a lot of space? You may want to consider starting an herb garden instead! Whichever you decide to plant, this would allow for your Mom to enjoy her favorite foods throughout the season – all thanks to you!

Fitness Fun – First of all, you shouldn’t buy your Mom an exercise machine and expect for her to be happy about it (unless she specifically asks for it), since it just translates to “You’re fat…do something about it”. This would be a big “no- no”.

Something a Mom would like? Something fun! You know your Mom better than I do, but a couple of ideas would be to go for a hike on a beautiful trail or enrolling in a fun Zumba class together! The purpose of this type of present is to have fun together, not necessarily to lose weight.

Food – Some people believe that the more calories in the recipe, the more love is baked into it. I disagree! : ) You can make your Mom a delicious and healthy recipe that she will love!

Manicure and/or Pedicure – Mom’s all always on the go, and what better way to relax those hands and feet than to give her a manicure and a pedicure! Not only do you feel good in the process, but your hands and feet look great afterwards too!

Sleep – More often than not, Mom’s just don’t get the rest that they need.  As we all know, it’s very important for our health to get the sleep that we need every night. Let the Mom in your life just get some much needed sleep! Whether that’s letting her sleep in or take a nap, she will love it and probably need it!

What’s a healthy gift you would love to be spoiled with? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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