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Jessica Alba uses HypnoBirthing


It was recently announced that Jessica Alba used hypnobirthing for her first pregnancy, and plans to use it again for her next child – apparently it works well!

I have been investigating natural child births for a couple of years now, and when I first learned about HypnoBirthing used as a technique to reduce pain, I immediately began research. Anything that naturally reduces the pain during child birth has my attention!

What is “HypnoBirthing” ?

HypnoBirthing is a method that is typically used for natural childbirth, and it focus on relaxation by using self-hypnosis techniques. Another way to look at it is meditation.

Jessica Alba, who is currently pregnant, was on the Ellen DeGeneres show and talked about her plans to use HypnoBirthing to help her remain calm during the labor. She used it with her first pregnancy and HypnoBirthing was able to help her stay relaxed during the contractions.

“I’m just concentrating on breathing and staying relaxed because it’s when you get tense that makes the whole labor worse and more painful.” -Jessica Alba speaking to Ellen during the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Is HypnoBirthing Right for Me?

I have personally spoken to a lot of moms who have given natural childbirths, and I always ask them what helped them make it through the pain and the entire experience. Surprisingly, I hear these women say that giving natural childbirth has a lot to do with “mind over body”. I believe HypnoBirthing is a technique that could possibly help with this.

Side Note: I personally think that too many women hear all of these horror stories about giving birth and I just don’t see how that could be of any benefit. I think those stories do more harm than good. Create your own stories…the good kind, of course! ; )

Perhaps HypnoBirthing is easier said than done (forget the pain during labor contractions!), but I don’t see how trying this it out would negatively effect the labor experience – whether you decide to go natural or not.

Would you give HypnoBirthing a try? If you know of any other techniques to help reduce the pain during childbirth, please share!

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