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Wallie Exercises (Win an Autographed Copy!)

Posted by on Aug 30, 2011 in Giveaways | 22 comments

One lucky reader of ours will win an autographed copy of Wallie Exercises by Steve Ettinger, C.S.C.S., a new children’s book that will be a great addition to your home library! “Steve Ettinger’s new picture book for children, Wallie Exercises, actually encourages kids to break a sweat — in the cutest way possible, of course.” – Winner of the Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Wallie Exercises is helping families everywhere talk about fitness and get active!  This new book is the perfect way to make health and fitness fun for kids, and is a must have for teachers, parents, and the whole family. Wallie Exercises Written by certified fitness expert Steve Ettinger, Wallie Exercises takes parents and kids on a fun and whimsical adventure, as they soak up lessons about fitness, friendship, and staying active. The story follows Wallie, a loyal but lazy...

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Eat More to Lose More!

Posted by on Aug 29, 2011 in Weight Loss | Comments Off on Eat More to Lose More!

Are you struggling to lose weight, but can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong? It might just be because you aren’t eating enough food! Wait…what just happened?! Here’s a scenario that I’m betting 90% of you can relate to: You start exercising and eating less, and you jump on the scale and see that you have lost weight! Yay! You get really excited about your progress, so you start exercising even more and eating less than before (so you can lose even more weight the following week, which brings you closer to your goal weight!). You jump on the scale the following week and you didn’t lose a single pound! Wait…what just happened?! You are now confused and depressed that all of your efforts for the past week have been wasted. Sound familiar? It happens to the best of...

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Today Is Always The Perfect Day To Start

Posted by on Aug 27, 2011 in Skinny Tips & Quotes | Comments Off on Today Is Always The Perfect Day To Start

Too many “diets” and “new ways of life” start on Monday. If you have resolved to start exercising on a Wednesday, why wait until the following Monday to get started? Start now! Here’s an excellent quote I came across this last week, and it should serve as a reminder to all of you who wait until Monday to start making positive changes in your life. “A year from now you will wish you had started today” – Karen Lamb If you need to start exercising or eat healthy, don’t wait until tomorrow. You have the ability to start right now. Start today, and continue on for the rest of your life.  Don’t live your life continually thinking “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll start someday…when I’m ready” or “on Monday”. If you continue thinking like this, chances are, you will...

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Is Your Relationship Making (or Keeping) You Fat?

Posted by on Aug 25, 2011 in Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss | Comments Off on Is Your Relationship Making (or Keeping) You Fat?

When you are in a relationship, the last thing you would expect or want to do is gain a few extra pounds of fat. Then again, maybe that’s why they call it “Love Handles”? Here’s a few tips to help prevent you from gaining those extra pounds by being in a relationship: Keep Impressing Too many men and women get married and totally let themselves go. Don’t let that be you. Remember when you used to care about the way you looked? You used to do things to impress your guy/gal. Just because you’re off the market doesn’t mean you’re done trying! Eating healthy and exercising do much more than just help you with a rockin’ bod, it will help you enjoy a long life together, without pesky health problems. Start New Hobbies Keep your relationship fun and exciting...

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Make Healthy School Lunches

Posted by on Aug 22, 2011 in Nutrition, Parenting | Comments Off on Make Healthy School Lunches

All kids should have a healthy school lunch, but many schools just won’t provide it for one reason or another. If your kids’ school won’t provide a healthy lunch, it’s up to the parents to come up with a healthy lunch from home. Since this is your kid’s health we are talking about, I believe packing a lunch is well worth the effort! The Sandwich There’s something special about the simple yet delicious taste of a sandwich. You can make it as healthy as you want, and it doesn’t need to be too complex. I suggest using whole wheat bread, using a brand that doesn’t use a lot of ingredients or any processed sugars. Avoid using white bread at all costs! Here’s some quick and easy sandwiches that you can make for your kids for their school lunches: • Deli – Get...

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How Carrie Underwood Lost 20 Pounds And Kept it Off!

Posted by on Aug 20, 2011 in Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Loss | 1 comment

American Idol = Weight Gain Carrie Underwood, along with many contestants who compete on American Idol, gain weight during the show. The contestants gain the weight for several reasons, such as the stress of the competition, bad food given to them, and long bouts of waiting for their vocal coaches to work with them. Carrie ended up gaining a total of 20 pounds! How Carrie Underwood Lost 20 Pounds Carrie has a simple yet effective approach to her weight loss. It worked well for her, and maybe it will work for you too! Of course, to make any weight loss program work, you have to just stick to it and be consistent! • Start a Food Journal – Carrie Underwood bought a spiral notebook (nothing fancy or expensive!) and just started to write down every little thing she ate. “I discovered...

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Feel Young, No Matter What Birthday You are Celebrating

Posted by on Aug 18, 2011 in Twinkie | Comments Off on Feel Young, No Matter What Birthday You are Celebrating

Today is my birthday! It’s also the first time in a long time where I truly feel that “age is just a number”. Why? Well, I have really been focused on my health this past year. I exercise on a regular basis and I eat extremely healthy. The results? I feel younger than I have felt in years! As a birthday present for myself, I decided to start out my day with a great cardio workout. For breakfast, I had my favorite post-workout shake, and enjoyed the day with my hubby. Happy Birthday to me! How to Feel Younger  If you want to feel young, you have to be young. What does that really mean? Exercise. The secret to eternal youth is exercise, and I believe that far too many people underestimate the power of regular exercise. Why else...

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10 Ways To Shake Up Your Workout Routine

Posted by on Aug 15, 2011 in Fitness | Comments Off on 10 Ways To Shake Up Your Workout Routine

Even the most dedicated gym-goers can find their previously hyped-up workout has suddenly become ho-hum. Our bodies physically and mentally build up a tolerance to the activities we take on each day. This means that not only do you have to increase weights and resistance to continue challenging your muscles, but you also have to find new ways to keep yourself excited about working out. If you find yourself feeling less than enthusiastic about hitting the gym, try one of these 10 suggestions to shake up your old routine: Gym hop Gyms of all shapes and sizes are constantly running deals for a free trial week at their location. Take a week or two off from your old gym and take an exercise tour around town. Find different gyms in your area and enjoy a few days of new...

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