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Important Nutrients During Pregnancy


Nutrition is always an important equation for your optimal health, and in Pregnancy, it’s can easily be argued that nutrition is more important than ever since it impacts both the mom and baby.

Calcium for Strong Bones

• Dairy Foods

• Canned Sardines/Salmon

• Fortified Cereals/Breads

• Oatmeal

• Orange Juice (fresh squeezed/juiced)

• Collard Greens

Carbohydrates for Energy

• Whole Grains

• Vegetables

• Brown Rice

Folate (Folic Acid) for Preventing Birth Defects

• Lentils

• Fortified Grain Foods

• Dark-green leafy vegetables

• Cabbage

• Cauliflower

• Green Peas

• Oranges

• Melons

• Chickpeas

• Spinach

Healthy Fats for Boosting Baby’s Brain Function and Health

• Fish

• Olive Oil

• Avocados

• Wild Pacific Salmon (low in mercury)

Vitamin A for Baby’s Skin, Eyesight and Bones

• Liver

• Eggs

• Vegetables (green and yellow)

• Milk

B Vitamins for Baby’s Brain and Vital Organs

• Beef

• Nuts

• Beets

• Chicken

• Potatoes

• Spinach

Fiber for Regularity

• Whole Grains

• Beans

• Water

• Fruits and Vegetables

Iron for Red Blood Cell Production

• Lean Red Meats

• Spinach

• Green leafy vegetables (such as Kale and Turnip Greens)

• Liver

• Molasses

• Canned Oysters

Vitamin C for Preventing Preterm Delivery

• Strawberries

• Red Peppers

• Cantaloupe

• Broccoli

• Citrus Fruits/Juices

• Mangoes

• Tomatoes

Vitamin D for Utilizing Calcium

• Sunshine!

• Milk

Vitamin E for Baby’s Muscle Development

• Sunflower Seeds

• Nuts

• Spinach

Protein for Cell Growth and Repair

• Chicken

• Yogurt/Greek Yogurt

• Nuts

• Beans

• Eggs

• Low-Mercury Fish

• Lean cuts of Beef/Pork/Lamb

• Seafood

• Dairy Foods

• Peanut Butter

Zinc for Enzyme and Insulin production

• Oysters

• Dairy products

• Meat

During pregnancy – as before and afterwards –  your diet should consist of healthy foods. Every food you eat has a purpose, whether it’s directly for you, your developing baby, or both.

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