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Beyoncé Lost 40 Lbs After Having Her Baby


It has been almost four months since Beyoncé gave birth to her little girl Blue Ivy (born January 7, 2012), and Beyoncé has lost almost all of the 50 pounds that she had gained during her pregnancy. In her latest interview with People, Beyoncé shares her strategy for losing the first 40 pounds.

The best part about Beyoncé’s weight loss strategy is that there isn’t a specific company she is representing and trying to promote. That’s right! She’s not promoting Slim•Fast, Weight Watchers, NutraSlim, HCG, or any other “diet” out there. Basically, Beyoncé is promoting a healthy lifestyle that anyone can do! How refreshing is that?!

Breastfeeding Benefits

In the first ten weeks after Beyoncé had her daughter Blue Ivy, she lost the initial weight from breastfeeding. More specifically, she lost the first 14 pounds in just the first month after giving birth!

I’m not surprised hearing this, considering that on average, women will burn about 300 calories a day from breastfeeding. If you eat healthy and don’t overdo it, it’s reasonable to expect weight loss from breastfeeding alone.


The first ten weeks after giving birth, Beyoncé didn’t exercise, which is expected and ideal to allow the body time to heal.

After 10 weeks, Beyoncé was able to start up an exercise routine. She exercises three times a week for 90 minutes each session.  The exercise routine consists of running, dancing (of course…it’s Beyoncé!) and abdominal exercises.


It’s all about eating healthy and portion control when you are trying to lose weight and keep it off! Thankfully, Beyoncé isn’t promoting a specific product and has shared an example of what she is eating throughout the day.

Breakfast: Egg Whites

Lunch: Shake or Turkey Slices

Dinner: Sashimi

Beyoncé didn’t share too much detail about her meal plan, such as portion sizes, but it’s safe to say that she has eliminated junk food and sweets! Beyoncé can easily be eating 10 egg whites with lots of veggies to make a healthy and filling breakfast, but one can only assume. Considering her 90 minute workout routine three times a week, she will need enough food to fuel her body to lose weight, which she has done quite well with in the last four months.

If you want to lose weight like Beyoncé did, it’s all about eating healthy and exercise. There’s no magic “diet” or diet pill…it’s just good ‘ol fashioned hard work that will pay off in the end.

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