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Goldenseal was one of the first herbs (along with Echinacea) that I was introduced to when I was a young kid. My Mom educated herself throughout her adult life in the medicinal benefits of herbs, and I was truly blessed to be able to see the amazing benefits of herbs first hand.

I’m not going to get into the drugs versus herbs debate, but I will say that each has it’s place. I personally have found that more often than not, herbs are all that I needed to get the job done.


• Goldenseal may help boost white blood cells, which helps the body build up the immune system and fight against infections.

•  A 2002 study done at the University of Illinois to see whether Goldenseal was effective in oral hygiene products. The study did show that Goldenseal contains antimicrobial alkaloids active against oral pathogens.

• Goldenseal has been shown to be Antibacterial, Antifungal,  Anti-Diabetic, and an Anti-Inflammatory.

• Goldenseal helps stimulates the appetite and aids digestion. Goldenseal is commonly used to help sooth an upset stomach (which is something I remember using Goldenseal for).

• Goldenseal helps with constipation by promoting muscular tone of the stomach and intestines, which causes bile secretion.

• Goldenseal has been shown to have Antiseptic properties, and has been used for disinfecting cuts and scrapes.

• Tonifies the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract, the bladder, and the skin.

• In conjunction with other herbs, has been known to be used to help treat Cancer.


Dried – Goldenseal can be found dried to be used in teas or in capsule form.

Extract – The liquid dose can be used before meals to enhance appetite or as an eyewash to help with infections like conjunctivitis (more commonly known as “pink eye”).

Goldenseal is often combined with other herbs to help boost the medicinal effects of other herbs.


Generally, a two week maximum dosage is suggested. Meaning, this isn’t an herb you should digest every day, long term. Only use when needed, and not for longer than the two week time frame. From personal experience, I don’t think I ever felt like I needed it for two weeks since my symptoms quickly subsided.

If you are pregnant or nursing, Goldenseal should be avoided.

As always, I would suggest consulting with a qualified professional before using Goldenseal or any other herb.

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