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Kate Middleton’s Post-Baby Body


Kate Middleton looked great before her baby, so it comes as no surprise that she  looks great after having her baby boy!

Kate Middleton VolleyBall

You can see the Duchess of Cambridge hit the volleyball court at her 2nd official post-baby appearance at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. As you can see, she shows her athletic side and flashes her long and lean legs with flat abs.

I am not trying to show these picture of Kate Middleton to make you feel bad about yourself or make you think, “oh look, another celebrity who looks perfect after having a baby”. I want to show these pictures to you to show that you can have a great body after having a baby. It is possible. Of course, it may take you longer than three months to achieve, but having a baby does not mean you have to say good-bye to your great body. Give yourself time. Eat Healthy. Drink lots of water. Exercise (when your doctor or midwife gives you the OK). Breastfeed if you can. Oh, and get plenty of rest!

You’ll get there.

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