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5 Surprising Foods that Promote Weight Loss


Whether you have simply gained a few pounds over the festive season or you have decided that you want to achieve a healthier body weight, the New Year is a popular time to make dietary changes to aid weight loss. A balanced calorie-controlled diet used in combination with regular exercise is the key to losing those excess pounds. However, if you have tried to follow strict “diets” in the past, where certain healthy foods are banned, the concept of including all food groups is probably welcome news. You may still wonder though whether it’s really possible to lose weight merely by following a sensible eating approach. To demonstrate that this is the case, here we take a look at five foods traditionally excluded, which have actually been proven to help with weight loss.



You may have heard that dairy foods are a no-no when aiming to lose weight, but this is far from the case. While it’s true that full-fat dairy items are higher in calories, these  still make for an ideal choice as part of a calorie-controlled diet. What’s more, the calcium content of milk and yogurt additionally aids weight loss, as it helps to promote fat-burning and suppresses the storage of fat. Just be careful when selecting yogurt, as even those that are fat-free can contain added sugars, which may off-set some of their benefits. Choose organic or natural yogurt or Greek-style yogurt, as these are free from both added sugars and sweeteners, but can be easily flavored by stirring through blended fruit.



Even if you have freely eaten fruit while trying to lose weight previously, the chances are that you have given avocados a wide berth. You are not alone, as many people fear that because these are relatively high in fat, they are not compatible when your goal is weight loss. However, the inclusion of avocados as part of an energy restricted diet does not hinder weight loss and offers additional benefits for a healthy circulation. It has been suggested that the monounsaturated oleic acid found in avocados can actually suppress hunger, which is further aided by their fiber content.



Nuts are another group food of foods commonly excluded by anyone looking to shed their excess weight. However, we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss nuts, as nut eaters tend to have a lower body weight than those people who avoid nuts. Not only is that the case, but almonds in particular have been shown to support weight loss when eaten as part of a low-calorie diet. It is not known exactly how almonds exert this benefit, but they may positively influence energy use or reduce hunger; though it cannot be ruled out that the calories from nuts are absorbed less effectively.


Bunch of ripe banana fruits isolated

According to KwikMed, low carbohydrate diets are a popular way to lose weight, with a number of well-regarded weight loss blogs focusing on this approach. Fruit is frequently shunned by these plans, particularly during the early stages, and bananas typically don’t have a place on them due to their starch content. However, low-carb diets are not without their problems and the long-term consequences of these dietary regimes is currently unknown. If you have previously struggled with low-carb eating, the good news is that this isn’t necessary for weight loss and there is certainly no need to avoid fruit. In fact, bananas may even help you to lose weight. This is because bananas are one of the foods that contain resistant starch. Research has shown that when resistant starch is consumed, it can help to reduce hunger and therefore the consumption of additional calories. Other foods rich in resistant starch to consider include grains, seeds and pulses (peas, beans and lentils).



It’s now known that it is no longer necessary to avoid eggs if you have raised cholesterol and this is also the case if you have weight to lose. Try trying boiled and poached eggs or cooking them in a frying pan with coconut oil – all are definitely worth trying if you have weight loss in your sights. This may be particularly useful if you eat eggs for breakfast, as research has shown that when two eggs are eaten at breakfast, this leads to more successful weight loss, which may relate to the fact that eggs are rich in protein and this helps to reduce your appetite later in the day.

While the five foods above have all been shown to aid weight loss, when including them as part of a plan to help you to lose weight, it is essential that you use portion control to benefit from their inclusion.

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