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Dr. Oz’ May Diet


Dr Oz May Diet

Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Month

If you are a fan of Dr. Oz, you have probably already heard about his “May Diet” where he promises 10 pounds of weight loss in just one month. First, let’s learn a little bit about what results you can expect from Dr. Oz’ May Diet:

Eliminate Excess Water Weight

According to Dr. Oz, about half of that will be water weight. He goes on to explain that most people eat too many carbohydrates in their diet, which results in excess water weight being held in the body. For every 1 pound of extra carbohydrates that your  body stores, you are carrying an additional 4 pounds of water weight. The May Diet provided by Dr. Oz is not surprisingly low carb for this reason.

Shed Unwanted Fat

In addition to removing excess water weight, you will also be able to shed unwanted body fat with Dr. Oz’s May Diet. You will eat healthy meals that will keep you full longer and make sure you don’t get too hungry in between meals.

Speed Up Your Digestion

You will eat specific types of food at certain times to help your digestion. For example, Dr. Oz recommends eating a liquid meal (like soup) for dinner so your body isn’t trying to digest a super heavy meal all night long. Because of a lighter meal before bed, your digestive track is in a rested state and you are primed for weight loss.  Suddenly a liquid dinner doesn’t sound so bad…

Trim Inches Off Your Waist

With 10 Pounds of weight loss – about half of it excess water and the other half exess fat – you are going to be physically smaller! I never really thought excess water weight was that big of a deal until Dr. Oz showed a visual of how much excess water weight is and how it’s weighing us down. If you lose 5 pounds of excess water weight, you will be losing over a half gallon of excess water that your body was just holding on to. No wonder you’ll be able to slim down quickly and wear a smaller jean size. It’s not just excess body fat, it’s excess water weight that we may need to remove.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Month 

1) For every meal, you need to follow the 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of your meal will consist of low glycemic vegetables and 20% protein and fat. The reason why the 80/20 rule works: When you eat this combination of low glycemic vegetables, protein and fat for every meal, it’s going to keep you full longer and make sure that you don’t go hungry. Because you aren’t hungry all the time, you aren’t going to overeat.

2) Liquid Dinner. I know this doesn’t sound too exciting, but Dr. Oz makes a convincing argument for a liquid dinner. Dr. Oz explains that when we eat a heavy dinner like pasta, the food stays in your belly and takes all night long sitting there and trying to break down. If you have a liquid dinner, like a hearty soup (still follow the 80/20 rule), your body digests the food quickly and your digestive track  is in a rested state when you wake up – and you are primed for weight loss.

3) Drink Dr. Oz’ “Swimsuit Water” before and after every meal. The recipe that Dr. Oz provides has a good amount of fiber in it, which will aide in digestion and ultimately – weight loss. It also includes cinnamon which is the “secret sauce” that speeds up your metabolism. The citric acid in the lime juice is an excellent fat burner.

4) Bonus Tip – Take your B Vitamins! A lot of us are short on B Vitamins, which are very important to your metabolism.

Dr. Oz’s “Swimsuit Water” Recipe

• 1 liter Water

• 1 cup Strawberries

• 1/2 tbsp Cinnamon

• Juice from 1 Lime

Dr. Oz’ May Diet

The “May Diet” by Dr. Oz actually makes sense. I think that’s one of the talents that Dr. Oz has, and that’s to make everything sound easy, make logical sense, and sound exciting – all at the same time.

This diet is going to help you quickly lose the weight without feeling deprived.I love that Dr. Oz was upfront about the expected results, which is about half of the weight loss you’ll experience will be water weight – but that’s OK since that’s important too!

This diet is probably one of the healthiest “quick weight loss” programs I have seen in a long time.  But what about the carbohydrates and dairy? You can definitely get carbohydrates through other sources (low glycemic vegetables have carbs in them!) and you can also get your required calcium through non-dairy sources, such as Kale! The whole point is to eliminate those foods for rapid weight loss.

I think that once you lose all of the weight that you needed to lose,  you can still have those other foods in moderation while you continue keeping the basic principles taught in the “May Diet” – such as having a light meal for dinner.

What do you think about Dr. Oz’s May Diet? Will you try it?

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