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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Regular Exercise



Everyone can name few benefits of regular exercise. Even children could tell you that exercise reduces your weight. Many adults would tell you that one of the chief benefits of exercise is that it lowers your blood pressure & minimizes cholesterol levels. Most people just relate fitness with being able to wear bikini or just looking better,  overall.

Listed below are 10 health benefits of exercise that may be a little lesser known:

1. Lifting weight will reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis. It would also enhance your core strength as well as balance, that means less risk of falling. Studies show that weight training might increase bone mineral density up-to 13% in under 6 months.

2. Exercise will assist in reducing symptoms of depression. While you exercise, your body tends to release feel good hormones known as Endorphins. They help you to get pass the feelings of worry and dread. Also, after you complete your daily workout routine you’re rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment, which has been shown to help fight depression.

3. Exercise boosts testosterone proportions naturally. No pills required! Regular training ranging from 45-60 minutes per session along-with multi-joint movements will cause an improved levels of testosterone by as much as forty percent.

4. It reduces headaches! Several people who suffer from migraines have reported a drop in the frequency and intensity of their headaches. Exercise not only minimizes anxiety & muscle tension but also increases lymph and blood circulation.

5. It provides you energy. There are hundreds of researches on such subject & they all provide you with the same thing – activity minimizes fatigue.

6. Increased muscle mass speeds up the metabolism rate, which means you’ll burn extra fat, even while hardly doing anything! When you gain 10 pounds of extra muscle, you’ll kill additional 500 calories per day. Muscle burns a minimum of 90% extra calories than fat.

7. Exercise can also enhance your brain function. First, exercise causes your brain to release a nourishing protein known as neurotrophic factor. Also, exercise helps you to build better lines between brain cells. Scientist now finally think that daily exercise boosts the production of cells inside your hippo-campus. This area of your brain is responsible for memory & learning.

8. Muscle cells during your exercise utilize more sugar and oxygen than when they are at rest. This helps you to control your blood glucose. Also insulin is able to function better.

9. Exercise helps to avoid joint injuries and arthritis. This is pretty easy. When an individual weigh less, they naturally will put less stress onto their joints. Hence their chances for injury is not as much as one person who’s is obese.

10. Regular exercise helps you heal quicker from surgery or an illness.

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