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How To Lose Weight Without Trying


Drinking Water

While calorie counting might work for some people, a lot of people don’t like to feel that they are on a diet or they might not have time to exercise, but if you are keen to lose weight, there are numerous ways you can do it without even trying.

Drink Water

Water is a great for keeping the body hydrated throughout the day and it will also help to promote a healthy complexion, however, water is also effective at curbing the appetite. Have a glass of water before each meal then you won’t want to eat as much and you’ll feel fuller sooner.


A lot of people live sedentary lifestyles. Their jobs often mean sitting at a desk all day and their might not be much opportunity to exercise after work either. Try to make exercise part of your everyday routine. For instance, walk to work or park your car a little further away from your work place, use stairs instead of lifts, cycle to work if you can, and get up from your desk at every opportunity.

Read the Packaging

This is an area that often catches the dieter out. A lot of packaged foods only detail the nutrition per 100 grams, not per serving or meal. Read the food label and make sure that you aren’t consuming more calories or carbohydrates than you think.

Take Chromium

Sugar cravings can often ruin a dieter’s chances of losing weight. Sugar cravings are often due to a low blood sugar level, and they can also occur because of a hormonal imbalance. The mineral chromium has been shown to even out the blood sugar and helps people to avoid hypoglycemia.

Check what you are drinking

Drinks can account for a large amount of the calories that we consume on a daily basis. Cappuccinos, canned drinks and chocolate drinks can all add excess sugar to the diet.

A shop brought cappuccino can add at least 85 calories per serving to the diet and a chocolate drink can be upwards of 70 calories a time. Cappuccinos from coffee chains will contain far more calories than the packet versions. By cutting out the daily cappuccino, it is possible to save a lot of calories every week.

Reduce Stress

A lot of people won’t associate stress with being overweight but the two are often connected. Many people turn to sweet or high fat comfort foods when they are feeling stressed; stress will also cause an increase in the cortisol levels, which can lead to fat being stored in the stomach area.

Find natural ways to reduce your stress levels such meditation or visualisation and then you won’t feel the need to turn to comfort foods.

Eat Regularly

Don’t ever let yourself go hungry. If you start a meal hungry, then it is likely that you will eat more at meal times. In addition, if you go a long time without eating during the day, then your blood sugar will dip and you will start craving sugary foods.

Eat complex carbohydrates throughout the day to keep your glucose levels on an even keel. Eat three main meals with a light snack in the morning, the afternoon and early evening.

Fill up with Vegetables

Eating a large salad or filling the dinner plate with plenty of vegetables is an excellent way to add extra bulk to a meal without adding excess calories. Salad vegetables are low in calories and high in water so these help to keep you feeling full. For evening meals choose vegetables that add a lot of bulk such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

Prepare your Own Foods

The busy lives we lead often mean that we don’t have time to cook for ourselves. This often means that we depend on high calorie, high fat convenience foods. Prepare your own meals so you know exactly what goes into them and how many calories you are consuming.

If you are short on time, prepare meals in bulk and freeze some for later.

Give in to temptation

It is OK to give into temptation occasionally. If people feel deprived of something then they only want it more. Eating a chocolate bar or some sweets is fine once in a while and will stop you from overindulging on sweet things. I suggest eating the healthier version of your favorite sweets. For example, organic ice cream is healthier (not necessarily healthy) than the popular ice cream brands out there. Why? The organic or all natural (truly all natural) desserts will use real ingredients rather than artificial or synthetic ones that come with even more harmful effects.

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