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Creating a Home Gym on a Budget

Posted by on Apr 13, 2015 in Featured, Fitness | Comments Off on Creating a Home Gym on a Budget

Written by: Dane O’Leary Many of us think having a home gym would be nice in theory, but how could we possibly afford it? With car payments, a mortgage, the cost of having and raising children, and so on, there’s no room in our budgets for something frivolous like a home gym, right? Better to just stick with a gym membership. We’ve labored under the pretense that home gyms are outside the realm of possibility due to budgetary constraints, so we continue paying upward of $40 a month (per person) in order to workout at the gym a couple days a week when our schedules allow. And those CrossFit programs that have become popular lately can cost over $100 a month for a single person. What is a gym membership costing $500 or more per person annually was actually...

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Winter Running Rundown

Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in Fitness | Comments Off on Winter Running Rundown

By Jennifer Kelly Geddes for Discover and Play Whether you’re keeping your New Year’s resolution to get fit or simply continuing a healthy workout routine, running in cold weather can be a challenge. Lacing up when the temperature dips takes determination — and some good advice for braving the elements. Before dashing out the door, consider the following winter running tips: Pregame: Warming up your muscles is even more important in winter than in nicer weather, so don’t skip this step. Be sure to take the time to run in place inside your house, do a few downward dogs or perform jumping jacks. Prepping your body ahead of time will help you feel less cold when you head out to run. Wicked Wind: A blast of arctic air can send even the most resolute runner scurrying home. To protect yourself...

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Pretty Fit: All Your Fitness Needs in One Place

Posted by on Jan 23, 2015 in Featured, Fitness | Comments Off on Pretty Fit: All Your Fitness Needs in One Place

Those of us who have been on our fitness journey for a long time know that achieving the ideal body is only a matter of discipline and focus. Unfortunately, it can be hard to stay on track if you’re constantly doing the same exercises, and it can be quite difficult indeed when you’re faced with monotonous exercises. Luckily, our smartphones can help us stay on track. Health and fitness apps have become quite popular, with research showing that they’ve grown in daily use by 62%. But it’s not just the apps themselves that are fueling smartphone use in fitness fanatics. Gaming Realms, the operators of Free Bingo Hunter, have said that growth in mobile gaming is one of the strongest trends on the internet landscape to date, and the platform is quickly growing to become our go-to for information....

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Foods to Fight Stress

Posted by on Jan 20, 2015 in Featured, Health | Comments Off on Foods to Fight Stress

When you think of comfort foods, what pops up in your mind? Pizza, pasta, ice cream and cookies? We eat comfort foods in times of stress, but these foods we consume tends to increase our stress levels and hunger even more. With all that said, what if I was able to convince you to redefine your definition of comfort foods from a health standpoint? What if you could envision comfort foods as  a way  to lower general stress and make you feel balanced, calm and energized, all without the ingredients being detrimental to your health? I obviously cannot do that within one article, but learning what foods and nutrients can provide you the constant energy release to keep blood sugar levels stable, fatigue decreased, and mood stable, is a start! When we are stressed, our cortisol levels increase which...

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Eating Low-Glycemic Vegetables For Weight Loss

Posted by on Jun 2, 2014 in Nutrition, Weight Loss | Comments Off on Eating Low-Glycemic Vegetables For Weight Loss

Many people are not aware that there are actually plenty of health benefits of eating low-glycemic vegetables. In addition, adding in more low-glycemic vegetables can help you to lose weight, and finally put you on the fast track to shedding those extra pounds effortlessly. Furthermore, for those that have certain health conditions like diabetes, following a low glycemic type of diet will be crucial. In today’s modern diet, many of us are facing obesity, and it tends to be rising in even our children. That is due to the fact that not everyone is aware of the many health benefits they could be receiving simply with a few tweaks to their own diets. With that said, we are actually talking about taking a closer look at the health benefits of eating low-glycemic vegetables. For many people they are not...

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Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

Posted by on May 27, 2014 in Fitness | Comments Off on Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

Every man’s dream is to be healthy, happy, rich. To reduce the risk of losing health, you should regularly to keep yourself in good physical shape. Daily physical exercise provides you with cardiovascular endurance, strength and muscle elasticity. Health Benefits of Regular Exercise The benefits of exercise will be positive in the regular inclusion of them in your daily routine. The best, most effective way of physical exercise is when its done in a group. Community of people connected by a common goal gives you the necessary impetus. The objectives here is to not get yourself bored while exercising. Also, physical education classes in a special group will help you to effectively deal with any stressful situation, enhance self-esteem, strengthen confidence in your abilities. If classes are held after working hours, physical activity can help you relax. Scientists claim...

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Strengthen Lengthen and Tone (SLT)

Posted by on Apr 28, 2014 in Fitness | Comments Off on Strengthen Lengthen and Tone (SLT)

What is SLT? For those that love to work out, and want to get the max amount of benefit in the shortest amount of time, they should consider the SLT routine. Many may not even realize what exactly does SLT stand for? The short version is that it means to strengthen, lengthen, and tone with certain types of exercises all combined into one intense workout. There are plenty of health benefits to this new routine combination, when done in the proper form, that can last hours after the session has been completed. Why SLT Works When it comes to working out, any type of exercise that a person does can produce certain health benefits over time. In addition, many will only do a certain type of exercise in one session, and thus may not get all the muscles worked. However,...

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The Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

Posted by on Apr 21, 2014 in Oral Health | Comments Off on The Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

What is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling might seem like a new craze to some, however, the tradition of oil pulling has been around for some time. Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic remedy that has long been used as a cure for many ailments. The practice of oil pulling is simple: oil is swished around in the mouth for a few moments or held in the mouth. The practice is carried out every day for best results, and while there isn’t a lot of medical evidence to back up the health benefits of oil pulling – or oil swishing as it is sometimes called – many people will testify to the beneficial effects on health. It is believed that oil pulling helps to rid the body of toxins, and ridding the body of toxins is essential for maintaining good health....

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