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Raw vs. Pasteurized Honey

Posted by on May 22, 2014 in Nutrition | 0 comments

Have you ever wondered what the nutritional difference is between raw and pasteurized honey? Wonder no more… Raw vs. Pasteurized...

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deluxe honeydrop™ Products

Posted by on Feb 24, 2011 in Twinkie's Favorites | 2 comments

I am so excited to introduce to you healthy beverages that are new on the market! Since learning about the company’s origins, USDA...

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Healthy Alternatives for your Junk Food Cravings

Posted by on Sep 6, 2010 in Health, Weight Loss | 1 comment

What’s your junk food craving? Everyone seems to have specific cravings now and again! Whether it be sweet or salty, we sometimes...

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3 Easy Tips on how to be Healthier today

Posted by on Aug 5, 2010 in Health, Weight Loss | 1 comment

You can be skinny in a number of different ways. To narrow it down, you can become Skinny by doing unhealthy things to your body (diet...

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Health Benefits of Honey

Posted by on Apr 22, 2010 in Nutrition | 0 comments

Honey is very good for you, but you must know that not all Honey is created equal. Before I go into the many Health Benefits of Honey, I...

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Buckwheat Wildberry Waffles (Organic) by Nature’s Path

Posted by on Apr 12, 2010 in Gluten Free | 0 comments

I wasn’t the biggest fan of pre-made waffles, until I came across Nature Path’s Organic Buckwheat Waffles! With other waffles,...

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Creamed Wheat Cereal

Posted by on Dec 24, 2009 in Lactose Free, Recipes | 0 comments

For a quick and easy breakfast to satisfy your hunger, this Creamed Wheat Cereal is perfect. It also has just the right amount of honey...

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Posted by on Dec 10, 2009 in Spices & Herbs | 0 comments

Cinnamon has been used for centuries for its taste and many medicinal health benefits. Cinnamon comes from dried bark from a Cinnamon...

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