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Exclusive Interview with Farrah Abraham

Posted by on Jan 21, 2013 in Fitness, Nutrition | 3 comments

In an exclusive interview with, the reality TV star Farrah Abraham talks about her healthy habits that have helped her stay in such great shape. In the last year you have created Mom&Me Italian Hot Pepper sauce, released your books “My Teenage Dream Ended” and “Passy Perfume“, all while being a full-time mom to your beautiful daughter, Sophia. With everything you are busy doing, how do you stay in such great shape? Farrah Abraham: Great question with one easy, low key simple answer: “at home workouts”. A little example of this is on my YouTube channel & at sixpackshortcut’s YouTube channel. I have a gym in my house but in all honesty I just get bored looking at the equipment. I’d rather it be about the core and fit in time before my shower or right before bed. Do you...

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