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Sour Gummy Fruit Snacks

Posted by on Mar 7, 2014 in Recipes, Sides and Snacks | Comments Off on Sour Gummy Fruit Snacks

I love fruit snacks, but they can be a bit expensive when you buy “the healthy kind” at the health food store or they just have too much sugar in them (organic or not…it’s still sugar and I don’t want to give it to my little one). I decided it was time to make some homemade gummy fruit snacks for my daughter. I tried it out, and I was so happen when my little one gobbled them up! I ended up trying a few for myself, and ended up making a second batch the same day. It tasted good – in addition to being super healthy (and easy to make)! Something else I am super excited about…these have fresh lemon juice in them! They are full of Vitamin C! Whenever I am sick, I drink lemon juice several times throughout...

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Berry Smoothie

Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Beverages, Recipes | Comments Off on Berry Smoothie

I love berry smoothies since it’s the perfect way to cool down on hot Summer days and still satisfy that sweet tooth! Ingredients:  1 cup Mixed Berries, frozen 1 cup yogurt, plain Instructions Step 1) In a blender, mix both ingredients together until smooth. Notes:  For the mixed berries, I include frozen strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. I prefer the 50-50 ration, but you can always change up the ratio of frozen berries to yogurt to add to take away some of the sweetness (more berries = more sweet).  Enjoy!  Feel free to follow us, however you like: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Feel free to follow Skinny Twinkie: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,...

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Panda Licorice

Posted by on Oct 29, 2011 in Twinkie's Favorites | 2 comments

I love black licorice, and I’m so happy that I found Panda! It’s the only brand that I am aware of (hopefully not the only one) that makes black licorice that I can eat without the guilt. Other “all natural” licorice that I have found are loaded with corn syrup or other junk. Panda’s all natural licorice is a great low calorie treat that has no white sugar or artificial ingredients added! The soft texture and delicious taste isn’t anything to complain about either. The only reason someone wouldn’t like this is if they just aren’t fond of black licorice. Panda has been producing the world’s leading premium quality, soft licorice with real licorice root extract since 1927. Panda Licorice is made from All Natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain fat, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or white sugar. It has...

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Banana Chips

Posted by on Jul 16, 2011 in Recipes | 2 comments

Who else loves to munch on banana chips?! Who loves munching on banana chips that are full of sugar? Not me! I borrowed a food dehydrator from my wonderful sister-in-law (thank you!), and decided to take advantage of the situation by making healthy banana chips that have no added sugar! I think you will enjoy this easy recipe. It’s so basic, can I really call it a recipe? Hmmm… I’ll let you be the judge of that. Ingredients: 4 (or more) bunches of ripe Bananas Spectrum® Coconut Oil Spray Instructions: Step 1) Peel the bananas and slice the bananas into 1/8 inch thick slices. Step 2) Spray the dehydrator sheets with the Spectrum® Coconut Oil Spray. I recommend putting some paper towels underneath the sheets for an easier clean up. Step 3) Place the banana slices on the dehydrator sheets....

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“Low Calorie” doesn’t mean “Healthy”

Posted by on Mar 3, 2011 in Nutrition, Weight Loss | Comments Off on “Low Calorie” doesn’t mean “Healthy”

Everyone seems to be obsessed with the term “low calorie”. Companies market their product as a “low calorie” meal or snack, which as a result, leads consumers to believe they are buying a healthy product. Unfortunately for us, “low calorie” doesn’t mean that it is “healthy”! This concept is a huge misunderstanding that I would like to clear up for everyone. When Low Calorie doesn’t mean Healthy I went searching for what consumers thought was a great low calorie snack for weight loss. Here are some of the most common low calorie snacks consumers suggested to others, and my suggestions of healthy alternatives. •JELL-O Brand Gelatin and Pudding Snacks- The low calorie snack packs make this product easy to consume on a daily basis, which is concerning once you read the label and see what ingredients are listed in...

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Sliced Pear and Cottage Cheese

Posted by on Aug 2, 2010 in Recipes | Comments Off on Sliced Pear and Cottage Cheese

I love snacks so much that I decided that I needed to learn how to make healthy snacks for myself. If you are going to enjoy a snack, make sure that it is delicious, easy to make, and guiltless. Ingredients: 2 Pears 1/2  cup low fat Cottage Cheese ground Cinnamon or Poppy Seeds (garnish) Instructions: 1) Cut pears in half and throw out the core and seeds. 2) Scoop cottage cheese over pear halves 3) Sprinkle on desired amount of Cinnamon or Poppy Seeds on top of the cottage cheese. Enjoy! Notes: This is a great snack to have any time of the year. This snack not only taste great, but it’s also very quick and easy, inexpensive, and low in calories. You can use fresh (preferred) or canned pears for this recipe.  The pear is about 75 calories...

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All Natural Yoghurt by Mountain High

Posted by on Jul 19, 2010 in Twinkie's Favorites | 4 comments

Health Benefits There are many benefits to yoghurt, and it is important that you get it from the right source. What I mean by that, is that there are plenty of yoghurts out there being marketed as “healthy” or a “weight loss food”. Be sure that you are not being fooled by marketing campaigns, and actually reading the back of the label for the truth. The yoghurt from Mountain High is  labeled as “All Natural”. That wasn’t what sold me on it. What attracted me to this yoghurt was the ingredients: No sugar added! What a lot of people don’t know is, the added sugars takes away from the health benefits you would have otherwise received from the yoghurt, which is the good bacteria such as live, active, and probiotic cultures (acidophilus is the most commonly known, which is...

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Health Benefits of Pears

Posted by on May 6, 2010 in Nutrition | Comments Off on Health Benefits of Pears

Pears are not only a delicious snack, but also very healthy and beneficial for your body. Nutritional and Health Benefits Pears have a wonderful cooling effect to them. If you should have a fever, having a pear may be helpful in reducing your fever. Some say to drink pear juice, but I personally try to stay away from fruit juices unless you make them yourself. Otherwise, fruit juices you buy tend to be very high in sugar- sometimes even more than soda. Pears are an excellent source of fiber. The fiber in pears may help regulate bowel movements. Pears are full of Vitamin C and Copper, making Pears very antioxidant rich, which helps with the immune system. Pears are high in Vitamin B and Potassium. This is great because it is healthy for your heart and has beneficial effects on...

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